Enhanced Customs Clearance and International Logistics Solutions


In 1987 our company started as a customs broker with a strong commitment to offer high-quality services to the Mexican international trade. Since then we have grown to over 150 employees through our offices located in the most important ports in the USA and Mexico.

Our warehouses with over 165,000 square feet in capacity are strategically located in Laredo, Texas, serving the NAFTA corridor, which makes us specialists in the complex supply and services chain of an international freight forwarder.

During our expansion in the last two decades, our company has taken the initiative to implement operation and technological improvements in order to continue driving our growth. We consolidated our companies in the year 2000 creating Corporativo Alvarez with the purpose of offering a wide array of logistic solutions of the supply chain.

With over 35 years of success and growth we now find ourselves in a new evolution of our company where reengineering will make us stronger as leaders of logistic operators. In few words, we continue opening roads to new cross-border trade operations for our customers and at the same time establishing bases for our own growth and prosperity.


We are proud of our history as a family company, as Corporativo Alvarez (CA) the moment has come to look into the future, with the purpose of make public our wide service portfolio under the name INFINITO GLOBAL LOGISTICS or simply (IGL).

This new identity represents the continuous improvements and innovations for which we strive every day, the endless amount of possibilities we offer to our customers, the perfect management of the logistics chain which is made possible thanks to our full services and our growth with a global reach.

Infinito Global Logistics is currently being led by its President, Mr. Carlos Alvarez Mendiola with the help of the second generation with Mr. Carlos Alvarez Mejia, Vice-President of Operations and Mr. Diego Alvarez Mejia, Vice-President of Administration and Finance.

Business Approach

To deliver to our business partners high-quality logistics services in the least amount of time and cost possible with the help of our talent in action.
To provide the highest added value any supply chain can get by developing innovating services with the highest safety standards, quality and competitive prices, with the help of our most important assets: our personnel and their great experience.

Values which define us

The courage to forge a better future.
We recognize the human value of each individual and his or her cooperation to achieve it.
The way to handle oneself coherently with personal values and share them with the community to which one belongs.
It’s the capacity to be aware of how important it is to honor the agreements made as a team and as a customer.
It’s a Value that is in the individual’s conscience which lets him or her reflect on, manage, guide and value the consequences of his or her acts, always within moral standards.

Unique Business Model
Enhanced Customs Clearance and International Logistics Solutions

Objective Function

To Reduce Total Logistics Cost

Total Logistics Cost (TLC)= Total Transportation Cost (TTC) + Total Storage Cost (TSC) + Total Inventory Cost (TIC) + Lost Sale Cost (LSC)


Customer Service Policy

Customer Service Policy = Fill Rate > Goal

TResponse Time = Goal

Delivery Frequency = Goal

1. Competitive Solutions

Our solutions are guided by your business’ objectives. We will efficiently handle your special requirements and increase your merchandise on-time delivery. Our systems are designed to be exceptionally flexible and adaptable to allow our customers shape our software in order to meet their business’ needs, not the opposite.

“You can rest assured that you will get the best total solution at the best price…”

2. Internal Resources

Our team approach allows us to give you personal and professional attention at each step. We employ over 150 professionals in the United States and Mexico. We are the best equipped to incorporate new service offers to easily and quickly respond to new market needs while keeping low system costs. Innovation, cost-effectiveness and productivity are key elements in our on-going improvement program.

3. Responsibility

Our network comprised by professionals, processes and brokers alliance was developed for identifying and managing all potential risks for our customers. He have tested the processes and resources which manage both the solution implementation and the risk potential it implies.

4. Financial Strength

Since the year 2000, we have grown an average of 20% focusing on providing full supply chain solutions for our customers. Our business model and the quality of our offers are the main reason for which we continue being financially strong even during crisis in our economy.

5. Risk Mitigation - Customs Compliance

We have put in place critical internal protections in order to minimize customs compliance risks for our customers.

We have had a high rating as a customs broker since its creation.

We have Workers’ Compensation Insurance, FMCSA Freight Forwarder and Motor Carrier Bond.

We are a Bonded Warehouse in Free Foreign Trade Zone operator.

We also perform security backups in real time of our company’s servers, both internally and externally.

Why Partner with Us

Many companies choose Infinito Global Logistics (IGL) because of our team approach, cost-effectiveness and the ability to focus on all of their supply chain.

Supply chain leaders trust and rely on our experience as a Customs Broker. Our customer list keeps growing annually, and with a high retention rate of 97%, our reputation of excellence also does.

Valores que nos definen

Our Experience

We are a Team that is innovative, productive, creative, hard working, and a group of professionals experienced in the supply chain.

Our Stability

Infinito Global Logistics (IGL) offers a stable business structure since 1987. We are financially stable and our focus is long-term.

Our Processes and Tools

Better, faster, higher quality, less surprises. Our processes are based on first-hand experience and focused on mitigating risks and assure success.

Our Reputation

We deliver company results through innovation and high productivity. We don’t only need to deliver; we need to make sure our customers are great references.

Our commitment to Customers

We are committed to the Customer Service Policy and we deliver what we promise. We focus on building long-term trust and relationships with our customers based on results.

Our People and Culture

We utilize our beassets - the best professionals in the supply chain who are motivated to work with high quality and professionalism as fundamental elements of our identity. Team focus on quality, results and customer service.

Experience in Industries

Oil, Gas and Energy
Construction and Mining
Raw Material
Manufacturing - Maquiladoras

Our Team

Proven Experience

Since 1987, we have been able to keep a sustainable growth with a high rating as Customs Brokers. Achieving results means obtaining satisfaction from complying with Customs regulations. Additionally, the family’s second generation has obtained Customs Broker’s licenses.

You have a partner with a proven record.

Support-Oriented Culture

We actively support all of our customers, past and present, through a structured customer service team.

Professionals and Skills

Our teams are comprised of supply chain professionals with years of experience in the industry. We offer the skills necessary to meet your business objectives in the supply chain.

Our skills include:

  • Special projects specialists.
  • Customs compliance specialists.
  • Strategic consultants in the supply chain.
  • Transportation specialists.
  • Material handling systems specialists.
  • Inventory specialists.
  • Warehouse operator specialists.
  • Creative and innovative specialists.

Business Transformation

Lean Transformation

Infinito Global Logistics (IGL) introduced its Kaizen continuous improvement program in 2010.

Our Motto: One team, we can do it.

We strive on five Kaizen elements:

  • Teamwork.
  • Personal Discipline.
  • Improving the morale.
  • Quality Circles.
  • Suggestions for Improvement

Code of Business Conduct.

Ethical conduct and business go hand in hand. Throughout the years, Infinito Global Logistics (IGL) has built a reputation in the highest levels of integrity in each aspect of its business - a reputation that continues serving us well in an ever more competitive global market. This reputation depends on the behavior and commitment of directors, managers, employees and representatives of Infinito Global Logistics (IGL). Each of us, regardless of the title or work we perform within the Company, is entrusted with keeping that reputation. It is up to each of us to guarantee that our conduct is not only meeting a high level of integrity, but it is also highlighting it.

Integrity and a higher level of ethics are fundamental to the Company’s belief and shall be kept by all individuals employed by the Company. The Company - and each employee - must stay committed to obey all laws and always do what’s right.

These principles are accomplished in dealings with our customers, suppliers, all employees, and all others with whom we work or whom we encounter while representing the Company, when we:

  • Obey the letter and intent of the law.
  • Conduct ourselves in a forthright and honest manner.
  • Are fair and considerate in all dealings.
  • Maintain professional behavior and use common courtesy.
  • Respect the rights and dignity of all individuals, as well as the legal rights of all other businesses and organizations.
  • Make only commitments we believe we can keep — and do our best to keep them.
  • Use the Company’s name only in connection with authorized, legitimate business activities.
  • Use Company’s resources in a manner consistent with the best interests of the Company.
  • Use our positions at the Company to further only valid business objectives, rather than to further primarily personal interests in order to benefit ourselves, our families, friends, or associates.
  • Avoid the appearance of any impropriety.
  • Expect and encourage our chosen business partners and suppliers to maintain similarly high standards of ethical conduct.

Confidential Information should be disclosed only to those employees of the Company who need to know it to serve the interests of the customer, supplier, development partner, or the Company, and it should not be used for personal gain. Both during and after employment with the Company, employees are obligated to safeguard Confidential Information.

The Company does not anticipate granting waivers or exceptions to this Policy. Any waiver must be provided in writing and in advance, by the Ethics committee. If the individual requesting an exception is an officer or director, the waiver must be made by the Board of Directors. Which means that there will be no exceptions of any kind for the person who violates said Integrity Policy.

Any violation of these policies may subject the employee involved to disciplinary action by the Company, including dismissal, and possible civil or criminal penalties, as well as subjecting the Company to possible liability for both.

Implementation of this Policy requires individual commitment. Following are a series of general guidelines designed to assist all employees in implementing the Policy. If you have questions concerning the proper course of action, please consult your manager or the director general counsel responsible for compliance at +1-956-722-5646(x148).

Suspected unethical conduct should be reported at +1-956-722-5646(x148), or via email at ethics-hotline@infinitoGL.com. All complaints, questions, suggestions, etc. will be handled confidentially, anonymously and with discretion, and employees can report suspected unethical activities without fear of retribution from the Company for doing so. All reports will be investigated, and the Company will undertake remedial measures as they are needed.


Our Motto: Recycling Company, Energy, Ecosystems and our Response thereto.

Infinito Global Logistics (IGL) has committed to the City, State and Federal Government together with International Regulations toward initiatives for making a better world. We identify our business coalition carbon footprint: electric power, transportation, water consumption. We also seek to partner with Energy Star by using the best practices through the Environmental Protection Agency.

Company Safety

Infinito Global Logistics (IGL) is fully committed to provide the safest workplace possible. Appreciation for our safety program is shared by employees, customers and vendors. The Company is committed to achieve our goal of each and every workday without accidents.

We believe safety is the responsibility of all process levels, starting with the General Manager. All managers are responsible for:

  • Maintaining a high level in employee recruiting and selection.
  • Providing a safe and pleasant work environment.
  • Providing safety training to all employees.
  • Taking corrective actions on unsafe acts.
  • Complying with the Company’s safety policies and procedures.
  • Observing federal, state and local safety, health and environmental laws and regulations.
  • Assuring a commitment to safety by all employees.

Associate Companies

Mexican Customs Broker

Began operations in 1987 with the firm commitment to attend to, support and give professional advice to importers and exporters on everything related to foreign trade operations.

We are currently ascribed to the Nuevo Laredo Customs with authorization to act before the Customs Offices of: Altamira, Tamaulipas, Colombia, Nuevo Leon and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. We have an alliance with correspondents in the main customs of the Mexican territory which is closely analyzed and selected according to our internal quality requirements./p>

In order to guarantee continuity in the service we render, we have a domestic patent and a substitute to have your products and merchandise clear customs in the most secure and reliable manner through any customs office in Mexico.


CAMANA Logistics Corp. was founded with the purpose of providing our Corporate Office with a logistics tool for managing transportation which allows us to meet the objective function of reducing our customers’ Total Logistic Cost.

This company has been the last addition to Infinito Global Logistics (IGL) vertical integration in 2005. Based in Laredo, Texas, it is strategically located for easily coordinating any type and modality of shipping within Canada, Mexico and the United States. We have several offices in Mexico, as well as a solid network of agents worldwide in order to provide door-to-door service.

Freight Forwarding and Distribution

Freight forwarding services are provided by the company BA Forwarding Co. Inc. which acts as a freight forwarder and it is our link for import and export merchandise for the NAFTA region. For this reason, it is located at a strategic point of the Laredo, Texas commercial corridor which is an optimal location for operations performed between Mexico and Canada. It currently has two warehouses with a total of 160,000 square feet of space. One of our warehouses has a 37,673-square foot bonded warehouse.


IGL Comercio Exterior, S.C. NUEVO LAREDO

Av. Vicente Guerrero 2801
Nuevo Laredo, Tamps. CP. 88240
Pho: (867) 151-4740

BA Forwarding, CO. INC.

1001 Carriers Dr
Laredo, Tx ZIP code 78045
Pho: (956)722-5646
Fax: (956) 693-5427

IGL Comercio Exterior, S.C. ALTAMIRA

Av. Rio Tamesí
Km 0+700, 2do Piso, Altamira, Tamps.
Pho: (833) 260-9341
Fax: (833) 260-9331

IGL Comercio Exterior, S.C. MANZANILLO

Av. Teniente Azueta # 48
Int. Piso 1 - B, Col. Burocrata, Manzanillo, Colima.
CP 28250
Tel +52 (314) 332-7684


BA Forwarding, CO. INC.

1001 Carriers Dr
Laredo, TX ZIP code 78045
Pho: (956)722-5646

BA Forwarding, CO. INC.

13481 Resouce Dr.
Laredo, TX 78045
Pho: +1(956)-722-5646 Ext. 151

Services video

Customs Clearance


  • Import and Export Customs Clearance:
    • Air.
    • Maritime.
    • Land and intermodal.
  • Legal Advising and Consulting.
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Capable.
  • Online Reports, Metrics and Documentation.
  • Reverse Logistics.


  • Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas
  • Altamira, Tamaulipas.
  • Colombia, Nuevo León.
  • Mexico City
  • Manzanillo, Colima.


Infinito Global Logistics (IGL) is present in the most important points in Mexico and in the U.S. and we have infrastructure in Laredo, TX, the most important land port in North America. Additionally, thanks to strategic alliances achieved, we have been able to considerably increase both our domestic and international coverage and presence. All this is with the purpose of offering a better service and reach to our customers.

Following you will find an interactive map representing all current locations where Infinito Global Logistics (IGL) is present, whether with offices of its own or of its correspondents.

Document digitalization

At Infinito Global Logistics (IGL), we are aware that in business terms, constantly adopting technology has given rise to the concept of business technology, which represents a new focus on understanding that the IT department is not an independent department at companies, but a new model which increases power in business. Company data is one of the most importaassets, so integrating technology becomes key in our company’s strategic planning and business results.

The new challenge we are faced with as a company is transforming their technological infrastructure environments in agiassets capable of reducing costs in order to drive our customers’ growth. One of our most recent techniques for managing IT systems and technological resources in a functional fashion has been virtualization with which we have transformed the data center providing benefits in improved quality, improved performance and the possibility to be unconcerned about the physical location or distribution.

Searches for different documents are allowed, such as:

  • Data search by document type.
  • Data Exporting Capability.
  • Digitalized Data by transaction.
  • Pediment number.
  • Reference number.
  • Tax payment date.
  • Mexican expense account.
  • American expense account.
  • Vendor, etc.


We have our own Website, registered under the domain namewww.infinitoGL.com.

Online Services

  • Customized access with user name and password.
  • Automated reports that are customized to your needs.
  • Automated notifications.
  • CAMANATRAC (Freight).
    • Online Quotes.
    • Data Query and Search.
    • Online Quotes.
    • Billing and Account Statements.
  • Access to CAYCIATRAC.

Any document related to each of the operations, in addition to query capability, can be printed and exported through our website.

To access the document digitalization tool... Click here.

International Logistics

CAMANA Logistics Corp. was founded with the purpose of providing our Corporate Office with a logistics tool for managing transportation which allows us to meet the objective function of reducing our customers’ Total Logistic Cost.

This company has been the last addition to Infinito Global Logistics (IGL) evertical integration in 2005. Based in Laredo, Texas, it is strategically located for easily coordinating any type and modality of shipping within Canada, Mexico and the United States. We have several offices in Mexico, as well as a solid network of agents worldwide in order to provide door-to-door service.


We offer specialized solutions in managing and handling domestic and international freight:

  • Air (Parcel Service, All Freight, Charters).
  • Land (FTL, LTL, Bundle, Liquid, Small shipments).
  • Maritime (Containers, Bungle, Liquid).
  • Railroad.
  • Specialized Service (Hot Shots).
  • Multimodal.
  • Merchandise Insurance.
  • Query and Analysis focused on optimizing the supply chain.
  • Reverse Logistics.

Added Value Benefits

  • Logistics and customs solutions bundle.
  • Freight Certified Agent.
  • Member of TIA (Transportation Intermediaries Association).
  • Low fixed costs allow us to meet our objective function in reducing the logistics total cost.
  • Optimizing your operations in the supply chain.
  • Supervision highly-involved in operations.
  • Flexibility to adapt our services to your needs.
  • Process Automation (Workflow Manager).
  • IT systems and tools:
    • Data reports, queries and searches.
    • Automated report and document delivery services.
    • Automated event and shipment status notifications.
    • CAMANATRAC - Total Vision on your shipments.
    • Online quotes.

Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding services are provided by the company BA Forwarding Co. Inc. which acts as a freight forwarder and it is our link for import and export merchandise for the NAFTA region. For this reason, it is located at a strategic point of the Laredo, Texas commercial corridor which is an optimal location for operations performed between Mexico and Canada. It currently has two warehouses with a total of 240,000 square feet of space. One of our warehouses has a 100,000 square foot bonded warehouse.

Warehouse Management Solutions:

  • Distribution Center.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).
  • Bonded Warehouse.
  • Storage.
  • Freight Forwarding.
  • Merchandise Tagging and Repackaging.
  • Warehouse Operator in Free Trade Zone (FTZ).
  • Reverse Logistics.

Added Value Benefits::

  • Availability to operate 24 hours all 365 days of the year.
  • Merchandise receiving and checking service.
  • Online order record and control.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).
  • Flexibility according to your needs.
  • International delivery.


  • 160,000 square feet of space.
  • 37,673-square foot capacity in Bonded Warehouse.
  • 3-level metal shelves for better utilization of space.
  • Yard to accommodate for 160 trailer boxes.
  • 29 doors for loading, unloading and movements.
  • 26 strategically located security cameras.
  • 10 forklifts with up to 5,000-lb capacity.
  • 1 forklift with 10,000-lb capacity.
  • 1 telescopic boom forklift for special maneuvers.
  • C-TPAT certification.

In order to keep up with the world’s service forefront and to respond to the growing demand for speedy merchandise shipping and delivery, we are constantly updating and adapting our company with modern communication systems and developing bold strategies. Our program allows for the customer to record his order online and our employees undertake the task of selecting, packaging and shipping the merchandise. This center is key in the process offered by the service company specialized in efficient and secure distributions.

Bonded Warehouse

Also located in Laredo, Texas, this warehouse has 37,673 square feet of space where retail, railroad and communications merchandise is handled. It is watched according to the security standards required by the C-TPAT and meets all regulations of US Customs.